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Dockers your home away from home

Our Location and how to contact us

33 West Grand Avenue,
Fox Lake, IL 60020-1225
(847) 973-0033 Order some Great Food..



SUMMER HOURS:Starting April 1st
MONDAY – THURSDAY 11:00:A.M -11:00P.M
FRIDAY – SATURDAY 11:00:A.M -12:00 A.M
SUNDAY 9:00:am -11:00P.M
WINTER HOURS:Starting October 1st
MONDAY – THURSDAY 11:00:A.M -10:00P.M
FRIDAY – SATURDAY 11:00:A.M -11:00 P.M
SUNDAY 9:00:am -10:00P.M

Lounge Open till 2:00 A.M

Dockers your home away from home. On the Lake.


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